Secrets To Relaxation techniques for improving concentration

Relaxation techniques for improving concentration

yoga nidra :

This means sleep with Relaxation techniques. it is a state of mind in between wakefulness and dreams. a normal sleep, we sleep without awareness. but in this, we sleep with awareness. it is helpful in the management of stress and relaxes body and mind and reduces tension.

yoga nidra is practiced in Sahara asana. it consists of body and breathes awareness. the mindfulness is pivoted one after another through all parts of the body, at that point it is taken to the breath lastly to the psyche.

Phase 1: body awareness

  1. rotates your awareness to the different parts of the body.
  2. relax the right first big toe, second toe, third toe, fourth toe, fifth toe, a sole of a foot, heel, ankles, calf muscles, knees, thigh, right tip.
  3. now relax thumb of right hand, first finger, second or middle finger, third finger, fourth little finger of the right, palm, back of the hand, wrist, lower arms, elbow, upper arm, and right shoulder.
  4. next, be aware of back and relax it. relax right buttock, left buttock, the middle part of right back, the middle part of the left back, right shoulder blade,
  5. now focus your attention on the front part of the body. relax area above the chest, the right side of the chest left side of the chest, navel, right side of your abdomen, left the side of abdomen upper part of the right leg and upper part of the left leg.
  6. after doing this above, relax your neck, left side of the neck, right side of the neck, front side and then back side of the neck, throat, neck, upper lip,
  7. now relax the whole body

Phase 2: breathe awareness

now focus your attention on the breath. feel the flow of your natural breath. do not change it. feel the movement of nostrils with each breath. now you focus your attention on the movement of the abdominals area during breathing. stomach area falls and ascends with every exhalation and inward breath.

Phase 3: coming back

came back, become aware of your body and be aware of the time and place you are in. move your fingers, toes, and head from one side to another side. take your own time. be wide awake.gradually sit up and open your eyes gradually


after the breath mindfulness, a seen might be depicted and the specialist is requested to imagine in that state. alternately, different thing like floating in the swimming pool, sitting in the garden, burning candle, chirruping birds, mountains, flowers, rising sun, a song etc.

  1. remember the following points:
  2. relax all part of the body one by one.
  3. focus on the part of the body which is being named.
  4. follow the instructions properly.
  5. do not tense the muscles of the body.
  6. do not sleep.

Benefits of yoga nidra the

  1. routine with regards to yoga nidra has various advantages.
  2. minimizes tension.
  3. train the mind.
  4. relaxes the mind.
  5. clears up the unconscious.
  6. awaken creativity.
  7. enhances memory and learning capacity.
  8.  counteracts stress.
  9. manage physiological disorders.
  10. manages psychosomatic diseases


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