The Philosophy Of Eating for weight control | a healthy weight

Eating for weight control – a healthy weight

Eating for weight control includes the energy balance which is important for maintaining a healthy weight. the measure of vitality or calories you get from nourishment and beverages is presented to be adjusted with the vitality your body utilizes for things like breathing, processing,

the same amount of energy in and energy out over a period of time = weight stays the same ( energy balance)

more energy in than out over a period of time = weight gain

more energy out than in over a period of time = weight loss

to keep up a sound weight, your vitality in and out don’t need to adjust precisely consistently. it’s the adjust after some time that encourages you keep up a sound weight.

A healthy weight :

a solid weight is one that is ideal for your body compose and tallness. it depends on your body mass index and the size of your waist.

BMI is less than 18.5, the person is in the underweight category. he should talk to a doctor or a dietitian and learn about healthy eating.

BMI is between 19 and 2 4.9, the person is in the recommended weight range for your height. but to maintain that he should get regular physical activity and practice healthy eating.

if BMI is 25 to 29. 9, the person is in our weight category. this may or may not be a healthy, depending on some other things like waist size and other health problems that the person who have.

is BMI is 30 or higher, the person is in the obese category. He may need to lose weight and change his eating and activity habits to get healthy and stay healthy.

it’s important to remember that BMI is only one measure of health.a man who is certifiably not a “typical” weight as indicated by BMI might be sound in the event that he or she has adhered to good diet propensities and activities consistently. people who are thin but don’t exercise for eating nutritious food are not necessarily healthy face because they are thin.

waist size: after one knows his/ her BMI, it’s time to look at the waist size.

measuring waist can help one find out how much fat one has a story around your belly.individuals who are ” Apple-molded” and store fat around the midsection will probably create weight-related infections than individuals who are ” pear-formed” and Store a large portion of their fat around the hips.

how can a healthy weight be achieved?

  • avoid strange diets: friend, the extreme diet should be avoided one should choose healthy foods and eat smaller portions, slowly.
  • be more active: if there’s one best weight loss Mantra it’s ” exercise, exercise, exercise.” choose activities you enjoy and do them every day. exercising can help keep you on track.
  • Switch off the TV: observing Less TV can give you more opportunity to be dynamic. 2 easy way to cut back on TV- watching: take the TV out of the bedroom, and make sure it’s off during meals.
  • skip the sugary drinks: drinking sugar soda, fruit drinks, or juice can give you several hundred calories a day without realizing it.changing from these to water or unsweetened beverages can lessen weight.
  • think before you eat: one should think before eating. unnecessary munching of food will lead to weight gain.

Factors to control body weight are as follows :

  • balanced diet
  • drink lots of water
  • eating a lot of fibrous food
  • regular medical check-up
  • avoid fats
  • physical activity
  • avoid drinking
  • avoid junk food
  • follow hygienic habits
  • avoid overeating


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