Boost Your nutritive and non nutritive components of diet With These Tips

each which food that we eat has different nutrient content and so it is important that we should know about the effects it can have in meeting nutritional requirements.

Nutritive Components of Diet :

  • Carbohydrates: carbohydrates are one of the important components of the diet. carbohydrates act as fuel in the body and provide energy. people involved in hard work or labor need most carbohydrates to produce energy in the body. excess of Carbohydrates intake main change into facts and develop fatty tissue which may lead to obesity. lack of Carbohydrates may cause loss of body weight, wrinkles in the skin appear, individual becomes weak and thin.
  •  Fats: contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. search our store in our body as an emergency source of energy. fats are of two types that are vegetable fat and animal fat. vegetable fat especially groundnuts, mustard seeds, mustard oil, coconut – coconut oil etc.
  •  Proteins: proteins contain elements like carbon hydrogen oxygen nitrogen and sulfur. proteins are large molecules and cannot get into our blood. so they change into amino acids. proteins are helpful for growth and development of individual children. moreover, these are useful for repairing the wear and Tear of tissues.

Fat-soluble vitamins: These vitamins are soluble in fat and stored in the liver and fatty tissue. these vitamins are :

  • Vitamin A: it is soluble in fat. lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness and can disturb the growth of the individual. it gets from milk, cheese, eggs, butter, carrot, radish, green vegetable fruits and cod liver oil etc.
  •  Vitamin D: this vitamin is soluble in fat and present in animal fats in fish liver oil. it is present in milk, eggs and groundnuts etc. a natural source of vitamin ‘D’ is ‘Sun’. the deficiency of this vitamin can cause rickets.
  •  vitamin B: it is soluble in water. it is present in vegetables and meat etc. it is very important for growth. vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 found in the diet. lack of vitamin B” can cause diseases like Beri – Beri, diarrhea etc.
  •  Vitamin B complex: it is a combination of 10 vitamins. it is very useful for heart, liver, and formation of red blood cells.
  •  Minerals and mineral salts: minerals are very important components of the diet. minerals are necessary for the growth and development of an individual. they also help in the functioning of muscles and formation of teeth. there are various types of minerals i.e.
  •  calcium and phosphorus: calcium and phosphorus are very important constituents of bones as well as other tissues of the body. the skeletal system in the main calcium depot.
  •  magnesium: it provides flexibility to the bones and elasticity to the muscles. it is called body refresher. it makes the teeth strong. it is present in coconut, almond, french beans, cabbage etc.
  •  Sulfur: it is necessary for the purification of blood and for keeping the skin in good condition. it strengthens the brain and nervous system. the sources of sulfur are mustard, cucumber, carrot, peas, spinach, tomato, radish, pineapple, Apple, coconut etc.

 Trace elements :

  •  copper: it helps in the formation of hemoglobin of blood along with iron. it is present in spinach, dry fruits, meat, egg etc.
  • Cobalt: it helps to protect us from anemia. it is present in milk, meat, green leafy vegetables etc.


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