Impact of Exercise on Muscular System

Causes of Exercise on Muscular System

Muscular System :

when we open the upper skin of the human body, we see the red bulk of flesh. Myoglobin is a type of protein present in Muscular System and muscle fiber to store oxygen which produces energy in emergencies. Every movement in the human body is the result of contraction and relaxation of muscles.

Types of muscles :

  • voluntary muscles: the muscles which work according to the of a person are called voluntary muscles. These have a relation with the brain.
  • Involuntary muscles: the muscle which does not work according to the Desire of the person are known as involuntary muscles. These muscles work even while sleeping. These muscles are present in the intestine, liver, heart and other many internal organs. If these muscles are not independent in their work, man cannot survive.
  • Cardiac muscles: cardiac muscles are involuntary muscle but their structure quite resembles voluntary muscles. so these are called as mid type muscles.  They have stripes. Humans do not have any control over these muscles.

The muscles need food after continuous exercise. this food they get by the increasing speed of blood circulation. this causes the chemical change in muscles. as a result temperature increases.

  • Change in size and shape of muscle: regular exercise helps in enlarging cells of muscles within turn helps in changing size and shape of muscles.
  • Increase in the strength of muscles: a person who does exercise daily have stronger muscle and such muscles work more. these become Stronger by getting more nutritious food in the form of oxygen.
  • Increase in co-ordination: regular exercise increases coordination in the muscles. this becomes Stronger by doing exercise. as a result,
  • a greater quantity of oxygen in the body: muscle have to do more work during exercise. the consumption of oxygen increases in the person who exercises. thus blood reaches quickly in the muscles.
  • Proper blood circulation: during rest, the blood completes a round of body in 21 seconds, but it completes the round in just 15, 10 or 8 seconds while exercising. the heart muscle works faster during exercise.
  • Effective respiration: regular exercise increases the capacity of chest muscles. as a result, the respiratory system gets effective.
  • Increase in the resistance power of the body: regular exercise develops the lungs in an equal way. with this, the volume of lungs starts increasing. thus develop the chest skeleton and by doing exercise the condition of breathing improves. thus, as a result of this improve breathing capacity the resistance capacity of the body increases.
  • Helpful in old age: old age legs too many deformities in our body have come in back, pain in joints for swelling etc. but we can keep away from problems in old days if we keep on exercising regularly from the young age.
  • Healthy and sound body: our body becomes balanced and flexible by doing regular exercise and looks beautiful.
  • Improvement in reaction time: regular exercise increases the speed of nerve impulses which ultimately improves the reaction time. these nerve impulses move fastly through motor nerves from the nervous system to muscle fiber


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