Impact of Exercise on the respiratory system

Causes of Exercise on respiratory system

respiratory system :

Inhaling and exhaling of breath are known as respiration system. Respiration system is the basic necessity for the survival of not only human but all the animals of Earth.  The amount of oxygen which can be taken by the lungs from the atmosphere is called oxygen intake.

Effects of exercise :

exercise has a special effect on the respiratory system. The effects of exercise on the respiration system are as follows :

  • excretion of waste products: movement take place in the body by doing exercise which causes quick excretion of poisonous products from the body in the form of sweat and urine. this keeps the body diseases free.
  • Prevention of diseases: exercise provides more flexibility to lungs thus we save from many diseases. By doing exercise the speed of inhalation and exhalation of breath increases in our lungs. So, the dirty air and germs inhaled by breath do not stop in the small bags in the lungs. As a result, the person can save himself from many types of diseases.
  • Increase industry of blood: my blood gets purified by doing exercise. as a result of this Of the supply of pure blood increases in the various cells of the body by respiration. exercise also opens the blockage of nerves without normally remain closed. by doing Exercise outer nerves of the body open to an extent that the skin looks red.
  • Increase in vital capacity: vital capacity is the volume of air that can be expelled by the most forceful expiration after the deepest inspiration. This development is although different in different persons. Regular exercising can sustain this development.
  • Increase in lung capacity: regular exercise increases the lung capacity of a person. It helps in doing heavy work. Total lung volume is the volume of air with the lungs can accommodate after deep inspiration.
  • effects on the factors of the respiratory process: the functions of the respiratory system depends upon the factors like the composition of blood and its circulation, the alkaline reserves of the body, the size of the chest cavity, muscles of the chest, the acidity of blood etc. Regular exercise has a favorable effect on all the factors.
  • Increase in the blood circulation of the lungs: by doing exercise the exchange of air in the lungs becomes fast and complete.
  • Increase in the endurance of an individual: regular exercise needs a lot of endurance constantly so that he can continue this process for a long time. For example, 3000 mt, 5000 mt or 10,000 mt Cross Country races etc Increase the endurance of a person. The persons who do not exercise have very less endurance.
  • Avoid second wind: a beginner might feel the second wind during exercise but an athlete hardly feels it during his course of action.
  • Increase in tidal volume: tidal volume is a difference between volumes after a normal inhalation and normal exhalation.Ordinary tidal volume in grown-ups very still is around 500-600 ml.. In a regular exerciser, the tidal volume increases.


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