Avoid The Mistakes Made By Beginning Posture

Beginning Posture

good posture is the sign of individuals health. it helps to improve the personality of the person. following are the advantages of correct posture and Beginning Posture

  • physical health: the balance, coordination, flexibility etc. being the components of the physical fitness can be attained easily by a person who is having a good posture and Beginning Posture. the correct alignment of the body will result in less fatigue and the individual remains active.
  • hygienic value: correct posture and Beginning Posture is not only important for physical appearance but also for health. correct posture helps in proper and efficient functioning of various organs.
  • grace and efficiency of movements: physical posture plays a vital role in the field of sports and games. the balance and coordination depend upon physical posture which gives grace as well as the efficiency of movements and helps performance. a person having bad posture will not have efficiency in movements.
  • economic value: a person with good posture makes less expenditure of energy while performing any type of activity in comparison to the person having bad posture.
  • physical performance: it is natural every individual wants to have a good physical appearance fo creating a good impression. in fact, physical appearance depends upon the posture of the individual. a person with a good posture looks smart and attractive.
  • social value: the people who have good posture are usually admire in every society. they can stand smart among the group. they do not hesitate in public dealing. people with bad posture having a feeling of inferiority. the person with correct posture leaves a long-lasting impression.
  • prevents disorder and disease: correct posture prevents low back pain, neck strain, disturbance in blood circulation etc. good posture reduces strain on the spine.
  • change in mental attitude: correct posture boost up self-confidence and self-esteem while as bad posture results in anxiety, unhappiness etc. a person having good posture develops self-confidence which adds to his smartness.
  • less fatigue: an individual feels less fatigue due to less stress on muscles and joints.

causes of bad posture:

a person with bad posture perceived as a with low self-esteem and low confidence decide to harm overall health in the long terms. some causes of bad postures are

  • pain or past injuries: when we experience pain in our back or neck muscles or any part of our body, we tend to overcome the pain by holding our body in different positions.
  • low nutritional state: our spine and back need adequate nutrients to grow strong and straight. low nutritional and lack of vitamins and calcium can affect the bones and muscles by not providing adequate strength and flexibility to hold itself in a correct posture.
  • hereditary: if there is a family history of bent back, then one might have to deal with it, sometimes no matter how hard one tries to hold posture in a correct way, the reason can be the just genes that are preventing that person from improving his posture. however, this can be rectified with professional help.
  • extra weight: carrying carry weight can also be the reason for our poor posture. people with extra weight around their stomach can have a problem with lower back and pull forward, due to stomach weight.
  • habit: sometimes, the way one walks or the way one holds things can be the reason for bad posture. for instance, if a person always walks with his head down or slump your shoulders, this can cause the posture to pull out from proper alignment sometimes, carrying weight only one side of the body can contribute to imbalanced or poor posture.
  • job: type of job can be the biggest reason for hunch back people to have desk jobs, often push their neck and head forward and hunch their shoulders. all these factors contribute to their inability to keep their spines straight and result in bad posture.


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